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Terp Young Scholars Program

Terp Young Scholars (TYS)

This form requires the student and parent/guardian signature (if a minor). Submission of this form alone does not complete your application file. You must submit all additional required documents to be considered for admission.

Read the following guidelines before continuing:

  • This application can only be processed if the $75 non-refundable application fee is successfully submitted via credit card payment.
  • This application must be completed in its entirety before submitting. You are not able to start the application and finish it at a later time.
  • To be considered for admission to Terp Young Scholars we require a completed and signed University of Maryland TYS Program Application, a current academic transcript which demonstrates good academic standing, a completed Health Insurance Information form with evidence of health insurance coverage and a commitment to attend the full term of the Program. The transcript can be digitally uploaded when you complete the application. We highly encourage you to do this to expedite the application process. You may also mail, fax, or email the transcript to us and our office will match them with your application.
      • To access the Health Insurance Information Form, click here
  • Applicants are encouraged to use their U.S. Social Security number with their application. If you do not, this will have implications on confirming your program admission, accessing your student information, and affect any future applications to the University of Maryland.
  • If you have previously applied to either Terp Young Scholars or Terp Discovery contact before submitting an application.
  • Accepted students are notified via email approximately 10 days after their file is complete. The file is complete when the application (with non-refundable application fee), transcript, and health insurance information form have been received. Files are reviewed and admission is made on a first-come, first-served basis.

For further questions regarding the application process or about Terp Young Scholars, visit
If you have any questions, contact